• Tracery, patterns, colours – where the embroidery comes from?
    Tracery, patterns, colours – where the embroidery comes from?
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    A unique workmanship that has its roots in the Mughal era and is still handed down from mother to daughter. Here is the secret of the art of Meher kakalia.

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  • Interview with Meher Kakalia
    Interview with Meher Kakalia
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    Meher Kakalia, creative director of Meher Kakalia brand, talks about the new FW22/23 collection and her inspirations.

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  • Spring Event - SS22 Collection
    Spring Event - SS22 Collection
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    On 6th May, the first Meher Kakalia event took place. The main objective was to make the brand known in the city of Berlin, (the city where the brand's first and only flagship store was recently opened) and what better way than through the launch of the wonderful and colourful new SS22 collection.

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  • MICAM Milan 2022 - Sustainability Talk
    MICAM Milan 2022 - Sustainability Talk
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    At Meher Kakalia, we mix Ancient Knowhow with Modern Techniques. What is important to us, is not just being inspired by a tradition but actually working with original crafts women and crafts men.

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    “It took less than a second for me to decide that I will wear MEHER KAKALIA boots to my wedding. With my outfit being all handmade and embroidered all-over, the classic QUEEN BOOT was the perfect shoe to finish off my outfit. Having worked with Meher for all those years, I am proud to have her represented in that way on this day. Lucky for me, we just started making some samples of men’s boots, so I could use them as a base for the ones I envisioned…”

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